Too Much Turkey? Try These Leftovers Recipes!


    Thanks to Taste of Home, we’ve got the Top Ten Turkey Leftovers Recipes for 2015! 

    Homemade Turkey Soup
    You can make the most of even the smallest pieces of leftover meat on your holiday turkey. I simmer the bones to get the rich flavor, then easily remove any meat that remains. I add rice, vegetables and cream soup for a hearty turkey soup that’s tasty and economical. —June Sangrey, Manheim, Pennsylvania

    Tastes Like Thanksgiving Casserole
    This hearty, rich-tasting main dish is sure to be a hit with your family. It’s a delicious way to use up Thanksgiving turkey, and you can substitute 5-1/2 cups leftover mashed potatoes for the 6 potatoes. —Mary Lou Timpson, Centennial Park, Arizona

    Cheddar Turkey Casserole
    This recipe comes with lots of mass appeal, thanks to its cheesy sauce. Pasta, veggies and leftover turkey combine to create a filling meal. —Steve Foy, Kirkwood, Missouri

    Stuffing Crust Turkey Pot Pie
    Here’s a wonderful, stick-to-the-ribs dish that slices well since the filling is thicker than that of traditional potpies. Prebaking the crust makes it crunchy.—Tamara Furda, Naperville, Illinois

    Turkey Focaccia Club
    My family thinks this sandwich is pure heaven, thanks to the cranberry-pecan mayo. It’s so good, I’m asked to make all year long. —Judy Wilson, Sun City West, Arizona

    Next Day Turkey Primavera
    I make this recipe often around the holidays. It’s a wonderful way to use leftover turkey without feeling like it’s a “repeat” meal. I love pasta, and the creamy sauce in this primavera is so easy to make. —Robyn Hardisty, Lakewood, California

    Turkey a la King with Rice
    “I like to make this dish with our leftover turkey. It’s a nice change from casseroles and so simple. Serve over rice, noodles, biscuits or toast.” Pat Lemke – Brandon, Wisconsin

    Turkey Fettuccine Skillet
    I came up with this simple dish as a way to use leftover turkey after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. My children really enjoy it. —Kari Johnston, Marwayne, Alberta

    Black Bean ‘n’ Pumpkin Chili
    Our family loves this slow-cooked recipe, especially on cold days. It’s a wonderful variation on standard chili that freezes well and tastes even better as leftovers. —Deborah Vliet, Holland, Michigan

    Club-Style Turkey Enchiladas
    Bacon, turkey and Swiss cheese are the base of these unique and delightful enchiladas. You’ll need about 1-1/2 cups of leftover turkey meat for this recipe. —Anna Ginsberg, Austin, Texas


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