Kirkendall Chiropractic: Two Years in Claremore!

kirkendallShortly after I started this awesome gig at moreClaremore, I realized that there are a lot of Chamber ribbon cutting ceremonies in Claremore, which is great, because that means we’re getting a lot of new businesses. It’s tapered off some lately, but my first few weeks here, I attended at least five of these ceremonies.

One of them was for Kirkendall Chiropractic. I had no idea who this Dr. Kirkendall was, until she added her practice to moreClaremore’s business directory (everyone should do this, it’s FREE) and I decided to do some internet stalking research. It turns out that this mysterious Dr. Kirkendall is Claremore’s very own Lennon Smith.

I went to high school with Lennon, and she was one of those sweet, smart girls that you just knew was going to end up doing something productive with her life. Nailed it.

lennon kirkendallLennon aka Dr. Kirkendall is a Claremore Zebra, and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Rogers State University in 2003. In 2007, she graduated cum laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO. In that same year, she became a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the State of Oklahoma and practiced in Bartlesville until opening her own practice in Claremore. She’s been living in Claremore since 2007 and driving back and forth to B-ville…that’s quite a commute. She was born and raised here, her family is here…she’s not just a random Will Rogers fan who decided to set up shop in Claremore.

kirkendallchiro-300Kirkendall Chiropractic is located directly across from Hillcrest Claremore, in a lovely, peaceful office that smells new. I asked Lennon about the renovation of the office, and she told me that she was scheduled to open in July 2013. During the painting of the office, she fell from a ladder, managing to get her leg entwined in the rungs, thus ending up with a broken leg. Or a broken knee. Something that was very terrible and painful-sounding, and made my leg hurt just hearing about it. The accident landed her in bed for the next three months. Obviously, the grand opening of Kirkendall Chiropractic was going to be delayed.

Kirkendall Chiropractic officially opened in October 2013.

Dr. Kirkendall has been entrusted to take care of tiny babies, pregnant mothers, athletes, and entire generations of families. She welcomes each patient as a member of her family and is devoted to educating you about your body, how it works, how to heal it and how to stay healthy. Her number one priority is to help you feel better, taking care of the problem, not just covering up the symptoms.

Dr. Lennon Kirkendall has a wide range of experience in different areas of chiropractic treatment. She has the skills to address your chiropractic care needs so you can get the most out of each day. She does accept most insurance, and can help you with that if you have questions.

Kirkendall Chiropractic in Claremore is open Monday – Thursday from 9a – 6p and Friday from 9a-1p. You can schedule an appointment by calling the office at 918.283.4355 or by filling out an online form on the office website. Follow Kirkendall Chiropractic on facebook for lots of interesting information on chiropractic care (I’m not just saying that; there is really some cool stuff on there).

Let’s support one of our own….Dr. Lennon Smith Kirkendall! Welcome home.

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