Claremore: Too Much


We’ve been decorating for Christmas the past couple of weeks at the North Block Common, home to This week, a tree went up on top of the building. I was so excited to drive by and show it to my 11-year-old daughter.

Her response? “Mom, it’s too much,”

That’s right, sister. It is. It is too much.

Most of our days go by with too little. Too little time for things to do at work, to spend with family and friends, with money in the bank for all of the Christmas presents we would like to buy.

So just for this one month of the year, it will be “Too much.”

Sister has come around and now thinks it’s pretty cool that there is a tree on top of the North Block.

I hope all of Claremore enjoys it and stops for a moment to think that it’s all too much. Too much to be thankful for in this great community we live in.

-by Amy Gordon


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