Auto Definitions in Claremore: Customer Kudos!


This is one of the many reasons I love working at moreClaremore, with its positive outlook. We received a message on our facebook page from local resident Alan Townsend. All he wanted to do was give a public shout-out to Auto Definitions. It’s refreshing to hear a story from a happy customer, rather than complaints. People are quick to spread the word when they are unhappy, but not as much when they are pleased. Thanks to Alan for being a positive, happy person! -Ashley

“I had a remote start installed on my wife’s Trailblazer as a Christmas present two years ago. A couple of weeks ago, we had electrical issues and couldn’t get the car started. If we did manage to get it started, we then had problems getting it in gear. We finally got it to a Chevy dealer, and they had problems finding the cause. We ended having the dealer uninstall the remote start and everything tested out fine at that point.

I went back to Auto Definitions, not having any idea of what to expect, but I knew that my wife had TOTALLY enjoyed the remote start. Long story short, they were super and great to work with. Yesterday, we got our remote reinstalled. No “sorry, dude, your problem, can’t help” attitude in any manner. moreClaremore is always positive about Claremore and I wanted to get a huge kudos out to Auto Definitions. We will always use those guys!!!”

-by Alan Townsend, Inola

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