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More Claremore Logo updateIn 2013, moreClaremore began as an outpouring of “positive community journalism” in this seemingly sleepy little town that is Claremore, Oklah

Robert and Amy 2013 Launch

oma. Life-long brother, sister residents Amy Gordon and Robert Melton sparked the movement with humble beginnings when they realized the need to highlight all of what Claremore has to offer, and the people, businesses, organizations, and culture that make it home.Since it’s launch, moreClaremore has become home to so much more than just a website or blog. Garnering a following from all over the state of Oklahoma, over 20,000 followers, 2000 stories, and numerous local movements and events it has become the hub for both people who call Claremore home, and those who are looking to connect, maybe even for the first time.

moreClaremore Group
Ashley Orf, Amy Gordon, Travis Peck, Robert Melton

At it’s heart moreClaremore has grown, evolved and matured into a full team of talent eager to spread the excitement that surrounds Claremore and its people. In the summer of 2015 they took notice of a space that time and patrons had seemingly forgot and began to carve out their very own brick and mortar home in the heart downtown. Little did they know the outcomes of breathing life back into a downtrodden main street storefront.

“In this exact same location my and Robert’s great-grandfather, George Melton, started his first grocery store in Claremore. Our family and their businesses have been located on Missouri Street in downtown Claremore since 1929. I am so excited to have this historic location come full circle to and back into our family. -AG”

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.52.55 PMIn light of these recent advancements coupled with a rich, local heritage, and overwhelming acceptance they continue to build a brand that reflects the place, people, and culture that they call home. Here is their brand story…

One of the first things that you will notice about our brand is the overstated scissortail flycatcher icon. Many ideas, concepts, and revisions went into the works before finally making the decision to represent our place, our state in this manner.Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 3.52.18 PM

It is our honor, and frankly passion (borderline obsession), to carry the Oklahoma state bird on our shingle. Amy, one of our founders is in love with the bird symbol and can’t resist adding it into the flavor of the organization.

There is even a bird hidden in plain sight, residing in our lobby at North Block Common, see if you can spot it next time you are in.

Next you will notice, our custom typeface to emulate the stylings of the scissortail itself. Like the people of Claremore, it is one of a kind, and truly special.

Third, you will notice that where our previous taglines, “positive community journalism,” and “see more, be more, do more,” resided there is a newly stated focus; “moving forward.”

Though many of the things we do pay homage to our heritage, we are committed to seeing Claremore move forward into the bustling city we believe it can, and will become.

Special thanks to the tireless efforts of Josh Froman with Adventure Signs!

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