Safety Tips for this Nasty Claremore Weather!


If you have to drive today, here are a few tips…

1) Fill up your gas tank. If you slide off in a ditch, hopefully the engine will still run so you can run the heat. Low on gas means heat can run out!

2) Throw a blanket and some hand warmers in your car. They can help a lot if you get stranded.

3) Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

4) Keep a couple of bottles of water and some snacks. Carb snacks can provide some quick heat-generating energy.

5) Make sure you have a coat, cap and gloves with you. Even if you think you won’t be out and don’t need heavy winter wear, having them with you can save your life if stranded in winter.

6) Slow WAY down! Even if you have 4-wheel drive, that might help you GO easier, but it doesn’t help you STOP any easier! Keep lots of distance between you and other cars.

Be safe, Claremore! Or better yet, stay home.

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