State of the City Outlines Claremore’s Plans #ForOurFuture

Claremore is on the cusp of doing great things #ForOurFuture, as shown at the annual State of the City address on Wednesday, January 20. The luncheon was held at the RSU Centennial Center, featuring speakers Mayor Bill Flanagan and City Manager Jim Thomas.
flanaganThe mayor spoke about continued growth in all sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, residential and commercial development. He presented a video showcasing voices of leadership from the city, county and business leaders, all with a unified message: #ForOurFuture.
The Mayor and Mr. Thomas presented an award to the Will Rogers rodeo committee members for being named Rodeo of the Year for the second year in a row.
Jim Thomas presented the state of the city as related to the 2020 city strategic plan. His presentation covered updates in three main areas:
1. Transportation
2. Utilities
3. Economic development
Jim presented the city’s “Legacy Transportation Plan”, which calls for over $100 million dollars of road construction and improvements over the next decade. Funding for this will come from combined city, county and state funds. Priorities within this plan include the east west connection of Country Club Rd., the widening of Southaven and the realignment of state highway 20. Other transportation updates include the estimated completion of Quiet Zones for both rail lines. 
Utility updates included the progress of the new water plant under construction and updates on smart meter installations.
Economic development / tourism updates included the opening of three new hotels; and the recruitment of Chick-fil-A, Main Street Tavern and Petsense. Several new events were recruited in Claremore including Hemming’s Great Race across America and hosting of the state City Manager’s Conference. Thomas presented an update on the housing study results and celebrated a 40% increase in residential permits for 2015. The 2020 plan is to increase our visitors to 1 million per year; we currently have 500,000.
During the Q&A portion of the luncheon, the situation regarding Claremore Plaza (next to Lowe’s) was mentioned. The delay is being caused by Spirit Bank, and hopefully will be resolved in 2016.
Remember that if you’re interested in being part of the movement of bringing Claremore forward, attend the Claremore Collective launch on Thursday, January 21, at the Will Rogers Memorial at 5:30p.

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