How to Buy Whatever You Want: Learn How in Claremore!


Many households fear the dreaded “B” word: BUDGET. It keeps people awake at night and is the cause for uncomfortable conversations. It’s time to stop fearing a budget. Knowing where your money is being spent and planning for large expenses is a critical first step to making sure you have the lifestyle you want. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; if you spend more than you make, you’re going to have financial stress.

Tulsa Federal Credit Union is hosting a seminar on Saturday, February 27, from 10a – 12p, at the Claremore Branch (23005 S. Highway 66). In the Budgeting and Saving for Large Purchases Seminar, Chief Lending Officer Glen Ogden will show you how to create and maintain a budget. He will talk about the key ratios to keep in mind for a car or home purchase. Do you want to know if you can afford that shiny new convertible? Come to the Budgeting seminar and let Glen show you how it will be possible.

This seminar is FREE and open to the public! Save your seat today HERE or call 918-921-2549.

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