Love Thyself: Affirmations for Moms


Being a Mom is hard work but oh so totally worth it! I meet Moms every day that wear that tired and frazzled look on their face but I know that not one of them would ever trade a second away from their child for the world……maybe a spa day or a glass of wine…..(you know I’m kidding, right? Maybe?)

We are a strange and selfless breed who joke about such things but if it ever came down to it, we almost always choose the kids. It’s what we do; that’s why it’s important to take care of yourself if/when you get the chance.



We spend the first twenty to thirty years of our lives learning to take care of ourselves. It’s a slow process, but just as we have it all figured out…. POOF! Life changes, kids are born and we forget all over again. That primal need to care for babies takes over and completely overrides our sense of self. We give it all to the babies.


I know this molehill sounds like a mountain but its the first and hardest step in the right direction. If you’re completely inundated with noise and kids, take a cue from your husband! Lock yourself in the bathroom and stick a pair of headphones in your ears. Meditate. Clear you mind and just rrrrreeeelaaaaaxxxxx. Go to your imaginary happy place.

Just two minutes. That’s one song.

Easier said than done, right? I’m no pro, in fact I still work at this one whenever I can. Mama needs a time out sometimes…..

Just as you have trained your family to depend on you, you can also train them to give the space you need. It takes time, but they’ll eventually get it.

Now, let me be clear, don’t be leaving the children unattended (if you can help it) but know that this two minute exercise can eventually lead into a 10 minute shower without interruptions….. yes, I know….. a shower without interruptions sounds like Heaven, right? It can and will happen if you keep working at it.

Okay, so how do we keep our sanity for the other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day?

Breathing and affirmations. Take a deep breath, count to 5 or 10 and paste these affirmations all over the house!!!!!! Oh, and strangely enough, I’ve found that when I”m overly stressed, yoga helps me re-center myself and the bonus is that my kids love to do yoga with me! Try it – they’re insanely cute when they try to Downward Dog.


  1. Not loving every moment of motherhood doesn’t mean I don’t love being a mom.
  2. I’m not the perfect mother, but I’m exactly the one my children need.
  3. The decisions made by other moms do not need to dictate mine.
  4. Today I will be an intentional parent.
  5. Today I will see the best in my child and the best in myself.




What’s your favorite tip for self-care? What are you favorite affirmations?

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-by Tami Molinaro
The Outcast: Mommy Blog

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