Road Closures in Claremore May Mess with School Commute: Heads Up!


You’ve probably noticed all of the construction happening near Westside Elementary and the intersection of Southaven and Clubhouse. Well, the first week of March will bring even more changes, as both roads are slated to become one-way temporarily.

If you’re on Clubhouse, you can drive north, and Southaven traffic will travel south only (appropriate!).


If you live in the area, you’ll need to plan your route accordingly. The project will be finished in late June.

Just think of how beautiful it will be when it’s finished, and Embrace the Construction, Claremore!


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  1. With Country Club connecting from Lowe’s to Southaven, Hwy 20 rerouted by Destiny Life, and additional trains, expect this side of Claremore to be a mess for a while.

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