Claremore Icon Named “History-Maker” Award Winner

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Claremore Museum of History elects new Board of Directors, applies for its own 501-c-3 status, granted Board Member Emeritus Status to Judy Smith Eagleton and prepares for its Inaugural History Maker Award Banquet and Fundraiser.

Since its inception, the Claremore Museum of History (CMH) has operated under the umbrella of the Rogers County Historical Society, enabling it to flourish and become a first-class museum for the City of Claremore. With completion of early inhabitants and Claremore Early History Exhibit and, after serious consideration, the Board decided that it was time for the Museum to become its own 501-c-3 organization and recently filed its application with the Internal Revenue Service.

At the organizing meeting, members of the CMH voted to approve a new Board of Directors.  Officers of the Board include W. Hays Gilstrap, Chairman; Lou Flanagan, Vice-Chairman; Sue Ping, Treasurer; Tammy Polson, Secretary; and Tom Pool, Immediate Past Chairman.

Board members include John Cary, Donna Froman, Suzanne Gilstrap, Fern McCoy, Robert Melton, Roger Mosier, Travis Peck, Dr. Bill Salwaechter, Barbara Stafira, Cindy Tanner and David Yates.

The new Board created seven committees.  Committee Chairmen include John Cary, Chairman of the Development Committee; Barbara Stafira, Chairman of the Exhibits Committee, Suzanne Gilstrap, Chairman of the Events Committee; Fern McCoy, Chairman of the Membership Committee; Robert Melton, Chairman of the Public Relations Committee; Tom Pool, Chairman of the Building Committee; and Barbra Pool, Museum Historian.

One of the first actions taken by the new Board of Directors was to grant 
Board Member Emeritus status to Judy Smith Eagleton who has been inspirational in the creation of the Museum.

The new Chairman of the Board, W. Hays Gilstrap, praised the work of a small but dedicated group of volunteers saying “the Museum is where it is today as a result of the relentless commitment and dedication of a handful of volunteers who have worked countless hours to make the Museum not only a reality, but a Museum that is considered to be in the top ten percent of Museums of its kind in the state.

On April 16, the Board will hold its Inaugural History Maker Award Banquet and Fundraiser at the Claremore Conference Center.  The Board is proud to recognize Helen Robson Walton as its first recipient of the “History Maker” award.  The award will be given, as merited, to individuals who have been both influential in Claremore and beyond.

Dr. Bob Blackburn, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Museum of Oklahoma History, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the History Maker Award Banquet and Fundraiser.

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