New Exhibit “reopens” at J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum


A new exhibit reopens at the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum in downtown Claremore on Thursday, March 31. The video version of the Claremore Hall of Fame will open with a reception starting at 5:30 pm. The exhibit is sponsored by Pelco Structural of Claremore.

The Claremore Wall of Fame opened at the J.M. Davis Museum in 2010 with ten inductees. From 2011 to 2015 seven additional persons were added to the exhibit.

Last October, the exhibit was renamed the Claremore Hall of Fame and relocated to the new Claremore Conference Center. “The move from the Davis Museum to the Conference Center allowed space for a ceremony and reception for future inductees”, said Claremore Hall of Fame committee chairman, John Cary. In October, 2015 a ceremony was held at the Conference Center when Dr. Keith Ballard and Maggie Culver Fry were inducted into the Hall.

“At the time of the move of the exhibit plaques to the Claremore Conference Center the committee also planned to have a video version at the Davis Museum. Pelco Structural sponsored our move to the Conference Center and the new video version. We are very grateful for the tremendous support Pelco gives the Claremore community”, said Cary.

The video for the exhibit was created, edited and designed by students at the Northeast Technology Center in Claremore in the EAST program. “Davis Museum curator, Jason Schubert supplied the digital version of the plaques and the students worked on this as a class project”, said Davis Museum Executive Director, Wayne McCombs. The students worked well with the direction from Schubert and created a very professional video that is museum quality all the way.”

Students that worked on the Hall of Fame project were Christopher Bell, Christian Sanders, Hayden Smalley and Seath Rivera. The instructors for the EAST program are Brook Easton and Justin Gibson.

The Claremore Hall of Fame has 17 members; Dr. Keith Ballard, J.M. Davis, Maggie Culver Fry, Elizabeth Gordon, W.R. Howell, Clem McSpadden, Patti Page, Andy Payne, Lynn Riggs, Frank and Ludmilla Robson, Clem Rogers, Will Rogers, Stuart Roosa, Stratton Taylor, Helen Walton and Laurie Williams.

The Friends of the J.M. Davis Museum are hosting the reception and it is free and open to the public. The J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum is located in downtown Claremore at 5th and J.M. Davis Blvd. For more information call 918-341-5707.



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