Claremore Indian Hospital will be CLOSED


On Saturday, April 30th, the Claremore Indian Hospital, including their Emergency Department, will be diverting and not providing patient care from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm for replacement/installation of a new emergency generator. This generator will provide reliable power for the hospital during power outages. This closure is necessary to maintain patient safety. The hospital will open immediately after power is restored to the entire hospital. If inclement weather is expected for April 30th, the diversion will be rescheduled for May 7th.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Claremore Indian Hospital Administration at 918-342-6434.

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  1. Why does it need to close while they change out a generator that is used in case of city power failure! Has Oklahoma started thanking the stupid pills also?

  2. It’s not Claremore Indian Hospital no more, It’s Claremore “WHITE” Hospital. When I was there on 4-15-2016, no walk-in patient services, All that was done was take my vitals, and then wait, and wait, and wait. for 5 hours, so I left without ever seeing a Dr., no meds were given to me for Diabetes, or High Blood pressure, Blood Sugar up, Blood Pressure up, oh well, no one get’s out of this “world” alive, This world is not my home” I’m just passing through! Oh, and I’m 1/2 Keetowah Cherokee / Creek Indian.

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