11 Reasons Why El Azteca is the Best Mexican Restaurant in Claremore


Ask any Claremore resident and they’ll tell you Claremore, Oklahoma is notorious for two things: Trains and Mexican restaurants. Even though there’s at least six or seven to choose from, El Azteca Mexican Restaurant and Cantina is by far the best! For many years I’ve been going to El Azteca; it was a staple in my diet during high school, and it continues to be my go-to restaurant now that I’m in college. I love El Azteca for many reasons, so let’s talk about why El Azteca is by far the best Mexican restaurant in Claremore.

1. Friendly staff.

The staff is always friendly and welcoming. They may even throw in some queso or guacamole for free every now and then!

El Azteca Staff

2. Three words: Chips and salsa.

Endless chips and the best salsa you’ve ever had. Don’t agree it’s the best? I’m nachofriend anymore!

eating hungry hamster chips

3. Their prices are just right.

When you’re a high school or struggling college student, you have to find food that’s reasonably priced. Luckily, El Azteca has great food for even better prices. For as often as I go there, my wallet is extremely grateful!

4. Their queso is liquid gold.

If it wouldn’t be frowned upon, I’d bypass the chips and drink the queso straight from the bowl. If my life was a romance novel, my motto would be: “Every kiss begins with queso.”

El queso es vida, amigos. | 17 Cosas que solo las personas que aman el queso entenderán:

5. The atmosphere is wonderfully authentic.

There’s always soccer playing on the television, beautiful works of art on the walls, and salsa music playing on the radio. I don’t understand a single word of Spanish, but I love it!

soccer mexico fifa united states gold cup

6. There’s no judgment when you stuff your face with food.

Whether you’re in a hurry or simply can’t resist any longer, it’s always acceptable to dig in as soon as the food arrives. Conversation abruptly ends and faces are stuffed.

adorable eating hamster mixed tiny

7. Service is fast.

In high school, we had an hour long lunch every Friday, and it seemed like the entire school made a mad dash to El Azteca. We all knew we’d get great food at a reasonable price and still make it back in time for class. Sometimes there was even time to get stopped by a train!

I have MORE than enough time for tacos lol:

8. Their margaritas are the perfect cure for a bad day.

Sometimes this señorita needs a margarita!

margarita friends margaritas the one where ross is fine

9. Their chicken and rice is the bomb.

The entire menu is amazing, but almost everyone I know loves the chicken and rice! It guacs my world.

10. They’re open every day of the week.

On Sundays, I get to have a little bit of Jesus and a whole lot of queso. Maybe even a margarita or two. I love Jesus, but I drink a little.

jesus wink lamb shepherd

11. Claremore loves it so much, they made another one: Los Aztecas Mexican Restaurant and Cantina!

For obvious reasons El Azteca Mexican Restaurant and Cantina is by far the best Mexican restaurant in Claremore. They have something for everyone, and they simply can’t be beat on service, prices, or food!

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  1. I have to disagree…. El Maguey is way better…. As a person who is in the business I have tried all there is to try in Claremore… I grew up there and am moving back soon… But don’t get me wrong el azteca is good just not as good as everyone thinks… Try something that you normally do not order, expand your horizon on food and you can be surprised….but in all honesty Claremore needs a Steak/Chop house and not fast food or more Mexican food… This is my honest opinion take it for what ya will

  2. El Azteca is my FAVORITE place to eat Mexican! Their chips are light, fresh, and warm and their salsa is just perfect! You can order most anything from their menu and it comes out hot and yummy consistently! Thank you, El Azteca, for giving us the very best Mexican in Claremore!!!

  3. We’ve eaten there twice and will never go back. It’s the worst Mexican food we have ever tasted. Not good! Instead, we drive to, Los Cabos in Tulsa, or Owasso, for the best Mexican food. Also, like El Fagon, in Owasso.

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