Traveling from England for this Claremore Event!

england postcard backTwo years ago, Clive and Rosemary decided to plan a trip from their home country of England to the U.S of A. Their only plan was to take the Mother Road, Route 66, and make all the fun stops they could, making their way across the country and seeing the sites.
It was a trip that included very little scheduling. No dates or times were too specific, just drive and enjoy.
However, they did have one particular event circled on the calendar and made sure they made it to Claremore with plenty of time to spare. The couple had never been to a true rodeo and wanted the full experience and what better place then the home of Will Rogers?
The Will Rogers Stampede Rodeo was hosting their 68th Annual event and little did this couple know, they were witnessing what would be awarded Best Small Rodeo for 2014.
In an email to the Will Rogers Stampede crew, Rosemary wrote, “It will be an evening that Clive and I will never forget, and a highlight of our trip.”
She continued, “Last night could not have been a better introduction to rodeos. We were assaulted on all sides by new experiences – feats of skill and courage, vocabulary and animal breeds we have never come across before. And throughout it all was the friendliness and kindness of everyone we met, and their patience with our great ignorance!”
It has been two years and now this delightful couple has planned a trip specifically to attend the 70th Anniversary of the Will Rogers Stampede Rodeo. They are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful people they met and learning even more about Claremore.
David Petty, PRCA Executive Chairman said, “We are so proud to have such a great team that makes this rodeo popular among not only the fans, but the contestants, sponsors and vendors.”
David’s wife, Dawn, received a postcard from the couple after they returned home. It includes phrases like “It was our first ever rodeo and it didn’t disappoint”, “It was all enormous fun and we were impressed with the skill and courage” and “We shall recommend it to all our traveling friends.”
This couple knows a good thing when they see it. If you haven’t been to the rodeo in years or have never attended, make 2016 the year! With a full concert series, games, food trucks, mechanical bulls and so much more, where else could you find this much fun for under $20?
You don’t have to travel from across the pond; sometimes you can find the best things right in your own backyard!
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-MCM Staffer Travis Peck

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