Claremore Clothes Closet Helps Women in Pain

Angie Blakey of Claremore is doing her part to help women in need. She has launched Pretty Hurts, a clothing service for women in chronic pain. Women who suffer from maladies such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and arthritis have a hard time getting out and shopping, and Angie wants to help! Women can shop in privacy in a quiet environment with Pretty Hurts.

The closet is in need of ladies shorts, tops, bras, packaged panties, shoes, and accessories. Angie is also looking for a free or reasonably priced portable clothing rack, since that will allow her to travel to meet ladies in neighboring communities. She is also in need of a sewing female mannequin or a regular full body mannequin to be able to show the clothing better. If you would like to donate, please contact Angie at 918 982 2566 or via the Pretty Hurts facebook page. 



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  1. I am in awe over the article I’ve never had anything written about me or what I do and to see that made me feel amazingly blessed and grateful for all those who donated, support me and just pray for me and everyone who suffers from pain. The donations are rolling in and I’m hopeful with the article I can be of help to more women. Thank you Claremore OK and moreclaremore for all your support!

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