Front Porch Bakery in Claremore: Top 10 Things We’ve Learned


Have you been to the Front Porch Bakery? It was formerly Ol’ Dutchman’s Bakery. It’s north of Claremore on Highway 66, and it’s AMAZING. Owners Melissa and Matt Holt celebrated the bakery’s one-year anniversary last week with a Chamber ribbon cutting and this Top 10 list of things they’ve learned; we had to share!

“To bring our anniversary week to an end, Matt and I (really me) wanted to share the Top 10 things (some funny, some whoops) we have learned at the bakery/smokehouse!

#10. Double check the recipe to make sure you added the salt.
#9. 12 dozen snickerdoodle cookies will probably not be enough for the day.
#8. Claremore area folks love their smoked bologna.
#7. Sometimes the front door bell just isn’t loud enough. 
#6. Set a timer for bread in the rising oven.
#5. Every recipe is better with real butter.
#4. Don’t forget the salt! (Important enough to mention twice!)
#3. Baking soda has an important job.
#2. Some like cinnamon rolls well done, some like them doughy, some like lots of icing, some like them with little icing and some like them any way they can get them.
#1. And the # 1 thing we have learned at the bakery: We can never, never have too many pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving!  

Thanks to all our wonderful customers for sharing and caring throughout our first year. We are praying for many more. It is our pleasure to be your favorite bakery!

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