We Got to do Something AWESOME for Claremore Police Today!


I had a meeting with Chief Stan Brown this morning. While I was at the station, he mentioned that the community has been really supportive lately, especially in light of recent events across the country. I asked him what Claremore could do to help, and he said the department could really use three coolers to keep in the shift supervisor vehicles. When it’s hot, it’s helpful for officers to have fast access to cold bottled water for those who need it.

Travis and I pondered on that for a few minutes, and we decided to reach out via social media to see if anyone would help us raise money to buy coolers. Imagine my delight when, within 60 seconds of a post on my personal facebook page, Mark Pixley of Pixley Lumber offered to donate three Pelican 45-qt. insulated coolers.

Travis and I borrowed a truck from Melton Sales, loaded up the loot from Pixley, and delivered the coolers to the police department. Chief Brown was a happy man!

The community is grateful to Claremore Police Department! Thanks for all you do!

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  1. With everything that’s going on in these time sure is good to see this post! Thanks for helping our Police! And thanks to our Police and Sheriff and deputies for keeping us safe! God Blessings!

  2. and if the shift supers show at the start of shift in mornings when the fast food places open, I bet they could fill them with ice for nothing! [or close of business in the evening]

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