Claremore, Do You Accept the Paper Challenge?!

paperPhoto courtesy News on 6

McAlester is starting a social media fire….and a paper challenge. We are all aware of the massive budget cuts that are happening in Oklahoma schools, and the community of McAlester decided not only to do something, but to challenge other towns to do the same.

Regional Animal Care Center in Claremore shared the idea with us, and they will be the drop-off location in town and will deliver all the paper to the schools. We are asking for both copy paper and construction paper. Next time you’re at the store, pick up an extra ream and drop it off at Regional Animal Care Center. Perhaps, if you’re a business, you could spare a case! Our teachers would be so grateful!

Maybe we can raise just as much as McAlester, and call out a few other communities to join us!

Learn more HERE!

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