Claremore Rec Center: Why You Should Check It Out

I was away at college when the Claremore Super Recreation Center opened its doors in 1999. I returned to Claremore for the first time a few years later, but was still (at the time) blessed with a fast metabolism, so I never made use of the facility. I left again and returned last summer. By then, post-baby and mid-30s, it was time to get moving.


My husband and I joined the rec center at the end of February of this year. He opted for the full membership, which allows him to utilize the weight room, basketball court, walking track, pool, and aerobics classes. I prefer the classes and I’ve always been intimidated by the weight room (which is silly), so I chose the ‘classes only’ membership for $33 per month.


Guys and gals, these classes are SO much fun! They are offered every day of the week at all times of day, even at 5:30 in the morning. (You won’t see me then.)

There are several different instructors, and they each have their own personality and difficulty level. They’re all enjoyable and they’re all encouraging, friendly, and helpful. Participants are always encouraged to push themselves, but not to overdo it. All fitness levels are definitely welcome.

The most important thing to note with the classes: If you’re new, don’t be intimidated. I promise. My first class was on a Sunday afternoon in February, and the instructor was Carrie. She was friendly, asked for my name, and has remembered it ever since. Afterward, she checked in with me to make sure I was good to go, and that I enjoyed it. Every single instructor is like this. And if you’re unsure about something, just ask. Many of the attendees in the classes are regulars, and they were all new once upon a time. You’ll be an old hand before you know it. Just remember that I’m basically a really shy introvert, and I survived. You will, too.


I’m a fan of the 5:30p classes, because that’s what works best with my schedule. On Monday and Tuesday, the class is called Energy Extreme, and it’s up to the instructor to work out a routine. I love this, because every single class is different. It never gets boring! I adore Cardio Kickboxing on Wednesday evenings (which is also now offered in the early morning and on Sunday afternoons). The 5:30p class on Thursday is yoga, which promotes stability and strength. And I also enjoy the Friday morning Energy Extreme. The rotation of instructors keeps things interesting. Other options include Shredded Cardio and an abundance of Cycle/Spin classes. The Core class on Saturday mornings is another favorite of mine; you’ll realize there’s a lot more out there than the standard stomach crunch!


If you’re not into aerobics, try Pilates! It’s offered three times per week. Enjoy dancing those calories away? Check out Zumba or the new Dance to Fitness class.

Silver Sneakers classes are also available. These are designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, a ball for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support.


I can’t pretend to know about this, but Water Aerobics classes are offered every weekday morning. They have Deep Water, Shallow Water, and classes for those affected by arthritis.


The Claremore Super Recreation Center has plenty to offer. There is an indoor walking track, a giant indoor pool (swimming lessons offered), weight room, racquetball, tennis courts, and aerobics classes. They also offer childcare at a very reasonable price. It’s open to kids six months and older, and my 4-year-old loves it! He has his regular crew that he plays with, and they have so many toys. There is even an outdoor playground they use when the weather is nice. The childcare employees are all friendly and fun, and it’s a safe environment for the kiddos.

For full information on the facility, prices, and more, check out the website HERE.

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who is now well-versed in terminology
like ‘plank jacks’ and ‘box jumps’

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