What Is The MOMS Club of Claremore?

When I moved to Claremore, I didn’t form a single friendship. For two entire years.  My daughter was born at the end of that second year and I decided I wanted better for her. I stumbled upon a group of encouraging women in a club for moms. I stumbled upon friends.
Our club is the Claremore branch of the international MOMS Club. “MOMS” stands for “Moms Offering Moms Support.”
We are a nonprofit. Dues are only $20 a year and these go toward paying our international dues as well as service projects for our community. We try to complete a project every other month on average.
Our club caters to stay-at-home mothers, with most activities taking place Monday through Friday between 9a – 5p. But we welcome working mothers to join us as well! We have several members who work part or even full time who participate when they can. And our private Facebook group is always open to members for advice and social interaction. Although we sometimes utilize rooms in several area churches, we are not affiliated. We welcome anyone regardless of religion, politics, ethnicity, or sexuality.
I want to emphasize that our club’s main goal is support. We are your village. Some of us don’t have family near by or really any family to speak of. We encourage you to join us to connect with other women, to form friendships, for opportunities to get out of the house and as a bonus, you are likely to find friends for your littles, too.
-by Jessica Sneeringer
Jessica Sneeringer is the MOMS Club of Claremore’s Secretary. She is a stay-at-home mom and fiction writer.  Hailing from Arkansas, she has lived in the area for three years with her husband, daughter, and fur-kid.

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