How Vaping Saved a Local Woman’s Life

Palm Beach Vapors sent us this story. If you’re ready to quit, don’t wait until the New Year! PBV has locations in Claremore, Broken Arrow, and Owasso. And it’s not just smoking cessation products; they also carry essential oils and herbal supplements! 
We had a customer come into our store this morning and told us an inspiring story. We asked if we could share her journey with you guys and she was more than happy to let us do so. This is Michelle’s story.
“I smoked for over 20 years, usually two packs a day if I didn’t have a lot to do. Then last year middle of September I was having trouble breathing. I was out of breath if I walked down my driveway. My cough got worse and worse and my doctor told me I had to quit smoking right this second. I tried and tried to quit. I tried everything. I used the patch, the gum, the lozenges, and I even tried, crazy as it sounds, hypnosis! When that didn’t work, I only had one thing left to try, my own will power. After that failed, I smoked for 6 more months. My health got worse and I just kept giving up trying. But that’s when my kids starting getting sick. That’s when things got serious. I was going to quit.”
Michelle told us about how a friend of hers was vaping,
“Well, I haven’t tried that yet. What can I lose at this point? So the next day I walked into a vape shop and asked what was the best device to help me to finally quit. It wasn’t an immediate match. It took some time finding the right device, with the right juice, with the right battery. But one day, we found it. The right combination of everything. That’s when my life changed.”
“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there,” is a sentiment many vapers have adopted as a personal motto. Michelle is one of those people. She had hope that vaping could save her life, and it worked.
“I was kind of anxious to go back to the doctor, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He told me that my all-around health had improved a ton. I felt better, I lost 45 pounds, I was more active. It didn’t take much time before I was able to run around with my kids without having to take a break because I couldn’t breathe and was light-headed.
“One day my daughter came home from school. I was going through her bag and I found a project she had made for her 3rd-grade class. It was a paper that said, ‘My hero is…’ and she put me as her hero because she saw my struggle with smoking and quitting. I was a hero for my daughter. Vaping saved my life, and then it saved my family. My fight to quit inspired my daughter. She told me would never touch cigarettes because she saw how it made me feel. No one is proud to be a smoker. So if you’ve ever thought about quitting, go to the vape store right now. You won’t regret it!

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