Claremore Venue Finds a Great Surprise!

The team renovating the building for Claremore’s newest event venue, Three Twenty on Main, had one of those “hit the wall” moments last week. The official demo days are completed and they are well into the renovation process. That said, a few nights ago, an exploratory hole in a wall to place new wiring revealed a surprise discovery that was followed by a text to event coordinator Susan: “u need to come see what we found”. Susan thought, “Is this good? Bad? Worthy of a call to law enforcement?” So, of course, she buzzed down to 320 W. Will Rogers to see what the guys found. As she got about halfway up the stairs to the gallery which overlooks the ballroom, she could see, revealed in all its glory, an original brick wall complete with lots of dust and the patina of history we love. It will be another detail that will make the interior true to the building’s historical Claremore roots, not to mention just being cool.

If you’ve been down the street lately, you may have noticed the trailers parked outside taking away demolition debris. One thing the team is very pleased about is the crew’s commitment to reuse, recycle or repurpose nearly all the building materials that were removed during the demo. Lumber, plywood, interior doors, etc. were all carefully removed and then rehabbed for future use. Sheetrock, old wiring and a little carpet went by the wayside, but nearly everything else has been sustainably re-purposed. Remaining in the building are the beautiful wood floors in the ballroom as well as brick and other structural elements revealed by the remodeling process. Many walls are gone, the space is opened up, a new grand staircase rises from the ballroom to the gallery above and nice accent of shiplap is now in place! Stay tuned, as an early February opening is planned. For information about hosting your next event at Three Twenty on Main, please call Susan at 918-344-0791.

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