The Elf on the Shelf: by Claremore’s Henry Hill

    Written by Claremore’s most handsome four-legged fella, Henry Hill, who has been been battling with a mischievous elf for the past several days. 

    I know him personally my Self
    This rogue they call
    The Elf on the SHELF
    Oh yes he’s a Dandy
    If he’s around
    Hide your Christmas Candy
    If he’s feeling Frisky
    You’ll have to hide
    Your stash of Irish Whisky
    Only way to get his Attention
    Is to build a cage
    And put him in Detention
    Don’t think he ain’t Sly
    He’ll steal your girl
    In the blink of an Eye
    But if you have a little girl or Boy
    If they’ve been good
    He’ll bring them a Toy
    For he’s not really bad you See
    Just a little ornery
    Like D. and Me

    -The Bard Henry Hill

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