Looking for a Great Private School in Claremore? Here You Go!

Many moons ago, on a dark and stormy night….no.

Many moons ago, I began my journey into the big, wide world as a full-day kindergartener at Legacy Christian School, then known as First Baptist Christian School. Mrs. Sara Masters opened my eyes to the wonders of learning, and she taught me how to read, tell time, and gave me the ability to determine the difference between nickels and quarters. I attended the school through fourth grade, when I aged out.

Today, Legacy Christian School serves students from age two through sixth grade. My own child attended last year as a member of the 3-year-old program, and he loved it. (Working parents will love it, too, as even the preschool programs are a full school day.) Five day availability is offered, too. The PK-2 program is DHS certified.

Legacy is based in the First Baptist Church, near the heart of historic downtown Claremore. (You do not have to be a church member to attend. Or even be Baptist.) The goal of the school is to deliver a dynamic Christian influence coupled with an excellence in education.

Kindergarten through sixth grades are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The staff is devoted to pouring Christ into the lives of their students. The curriculum is taught with a biblical worldview, and the weekly student-led chapel services are not only geared toward hiding God’s Word in the hearts of our students, but they also give our students a sense of leadership and responsibility.

Legacy is second to none. They have class ratios of 12:1 students to teachers. For an additional fee, before   and/or aftercare is an option for added convenience to our LCS families. Legacy has an exceptional athletics program. They offer gymnastics, cross country, basketball, and track. The music program presents two fantastic performances each year: a Christmas program and the annual spring talent show. Technology is an important component of the curriculum at Legacy. All of the classes have either a Smartboard or a Smart TV installed for curriculum enhancement. Legacy students receive an outstanding education in a Christ-centered environment.

To schedule a tour, or to learn more information, please contact the school office at (918) 342-1450 or visit the school website.

Legacy Christian School prepares students for life by providing excellence in academics, instilling Christian character, developing leadership skills, and encouraging service to others—all for the glory of God.”

LCS Mission Statement

Enrollment is almost open!

January 31: Current students/siblings are able to enroll

February 9: Claremore First families are able to enroll.

February 16: Enrollment Opens to the Public




-MCM Staffer Ashley, 
Legacy parent and FBCS alum




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