Fun, Free, Fitness Opportunity in Claremore

The Rogers County Free Fitness Training “Couch to 5k” Program (RoCo Fit) starts in March. If you have New Year’s resolutions or goals to improve your health, this program is for you. Experienced mentors will guide participants through 12 weeks of progressive walk or walk/run workouts designed to help them finish a 5k Mock race. Professionals will educate on form, injury prevention, core strength, nutrition, and safety. RoCo Fit is free of charge to anyone 13 years old or older and live, work, play, or learn in Rogers County.

Since, 2012 RoCo Fit has offered this free program to the community. Close to 2,000 unduplicated participants have registered and reaped the benefits. Rogers County Health Department is proud to continue supporting this program with a coordinator and incentives. However, the success is due to numerous partnerships and volunteers involved each session. This community collaboration has contributed to improving health statistics for Rogers County. This is evidenced by the rise in rank of Rogers County’s Health Outcomes from 9th in 2012 to 4th in 2016, Health Factors from 14th to 6th, and Health Behaviors from 21st to 4th out of 77 Oklahoma counties, according to the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Health Rankings and Roadmaps. According to the State of the County’s Health Reports comparison, coronary heart disease deaths dropped from 221.4 deaths per 100,000 in 2010 to 211.8 in 2014.

In addition to improved health statistics, many past participants have shared their experiences through written testimonial. Here are a few:

“I moved to the area the week before RoCo started and being new to the area, I had no idea how I would find an opportunity to meet people who love physical activity.  RoCo was the perfect fit.  On the first day, people made me feel welcome and encouraged me in my transition to Oklahoma. It’s been a wonderful experience and kept me running even when it was hotter than I’ve ever experienced in my life! It has made a world of difference in my life.”

“RoCo Fit has been great for me this fall. I have never been involved in any kind of run/walk group but always wanted to be. When I heard about RoCo Fit, I was so excited! I had tried running on my own before, but I never stuck with it. When it got too hard, I would just give up. This program has been so helpful to me. I have made friends in this group and we each push each other and encourage each other to hang in there when it gets hard and you want to give up. I have a great time and so look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

“In less than two years I went from not being able to walk because of an injury to running long races and not being afraid to go longer. I truly believe I could not have done it without the support and encouragement of the mentors and participants in RoCo Fit. I am so thankful that I found this fantastic group and I encourage everyone I know to find and join a group like RoCo because it is so motivating and fun.”

“This was my first session to attend. I managed to get my husband to sign up as well. RoCo has given us a common ground and something for the both of us to look forward to every week. Even though we ran in different groups it gave us a common interest and something to do together. I have always been envious of others who ran. RoCo has given me the confidence to run my first 5k and soon my first 10k! We already look forward to the next session.”

“So excited that I finished my first ‘Mock 5K’ and even though I was late starting it and ‘dead last’ finishing it, I didn’t feel ‘mocked’ at all  lol. The mentors were very encouraging.  Thanks for such a positive experience for this ‘first-timer.”  I have lost a few pounds and have already signed up for the summer session.”

To learn how you might improve your health with a fun group, attend the upcoming Information Meeting on Monday, March 6th, 6:00 p.m. at NTC-Claremore, 1901 N. Hwy 88. For additional information and/or to register visit us online at You may also register in person at the meeting or first few workouts or print registration forms found on If you have questions please call or email Renetta Harrison, 918-341-3166,



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