The Pink House in Claremore: Baked Fudge After Dark.

So if you want to go eat at The Pink House, but you work outside of town or maybe you can’t get away for lunch, worry no more. The Pink House serves dinner five nights a week and as if that weren’t enough, they offer the full lunch menu all day. Dinner is served Tuesday through Saturday. 
I recently decided to give the dinner a try. My lovely wife and child joined me for a nice family meal. 
I started with the Caesar salad. It was topped with croutons and red bell peppers. The dressing was delicious and generously distributed. 
The wife had one of their signature soups. Smiles all around. 
I have raised my son as a meat and potatoes kind of kid, so he and I both had the ribeye and loaded baked potato. Either item would be considered a full meal in most parts of the world. The steak was cooked perfectly and topped with a unique seasoning blend that made me think of how grandpa used to grill ’em. 
The wife ordered a Cuban panini. Nothing against the steak and potato, but the Cuban was possibly even better. Classically made with pickles, ham and cheese on grilled bread, they have added pepperoncinis for an extra kick. Amazing! 
We all agreed we were entirely too full for dessert, so we only ordered two instead of three. A sopapilla cheesecake and a slice of chocolate layer cake. Again, phenomenal. 
Our service was impeccable, the food was delicious and now you can eat baked fudge day and night! My only complaint would be my lack of self-control and eating more than any one person should at a single setting. 
Here is the full dinner menu. I recommend you check it our for yourself very soon!
The Pink House Claremore is located at 121 N. Chickasaw inside the Belvidere Mansion.
-MCM Staffer Travis

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