The Worst Life Hacks Ever

You know we love life hacks. And to lighten the mood, we’re sharing the WORST ONES EVER. Have a laugh!

1.) Use a toilet seat to put your plate on while watching TV. 

2.) Tangled ear buds? No problem! Just spray them with some No More Tangles. 

3.) Save space in your tennis ball can by cutting the balls in half. You’ll be able to store twice as many! 

4.) Bored? Take a selfie with a toilet paper roll and pretend you’re the moon. 

5.) Save your personal space on the subway by wearing this prickly vest. 

6.) Trouble seeing your iPhone screen? Drop it in a glass of water to magnify it. 

7.) Got a hole in your sock? Don’t toss it…simply color in your foot with a permanent marker. 

8.) Don’t get robbed when you buy a new TV; simply place the empty box with your neighbor’s trash.

9.) Keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting.

10.) Put a bean-filled glove on your kid’s back when you want her to feel loved, but you’re just too darn tired.

11.) Turn all those extra plastic bottle caps you have into fancy orange holders. Your guests will be amazed! 

12.) Use laptop chargers to heat up your snacks. 

13.) If you see someone crying, ask if it’s because of their haircut. 

14.) Got creases? Just get fat and watch those wrinkles disappear! 

15.) Stop crying in the kitchen with this handy tip. 

16.) Avoid wasting time brushing your teeth by simply adding your toothpaste directly to your breakfast. 

17.) Need to potty at work but you’re embarrassed? Try this! 

18.) If you’re out of spoons, make your own with a fork and some tape. 

19.) Save money on Swiffer pads and use your cat to clean the floor instead. 

We hope these life hacks help you out….or at the very least, give you a chuckle!

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