918 Rocks is Rocking Claremore!

918 Rocks is a group focused on creating art and encouraging creativity + activity (creactivity) by painting rocks to hide around 918 (the WHOLE area!!) or wherever you travel! Use this to brighten someone’s day, send a needed message, or just to spread joy. The goal is to encourage art, creactivity and community…the things 918 is all about! Join us and have some fun!

If you find an art rock, take a picture and share it with us here. You may either keep it or re-hide the rock!

If you want your rock found and posted back here, our suggestions of what to write on the back are…….

1. #918Rocks (use the fb logo, too)
2. 918Rocks! (use the fb logo, too)
3. Post a pic to 918 Rocks! Keep or Re-hide
4. Find us on facebook, 918 Rocks!, post a pic, #918Rocks, Keep or Re-hide.

*Please make sure your artwork is sealed with a sealer. (Sometimes it takes a few coats)

*National Parks and Private Property is off limits unless permission is granted. (Respect is also part of having fun!)

Follow 918 Rocks on facebook to learn more! 

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