Help Claremore Kiddo get a Service Dog

Little Haileigh is three years old.
Since she was two months old, she’s had chronic seizures. She was diagnosed with epilepsy at four months of age. The seizures run the gamut from absence seizures to focal seizures to grand mal seizures.

In her three years, Haileigh been intubated twice, Life Flighted once, and generally has at least one seizure per day. Her seizures are abnormally long, sometimes lasting up to two hours. She is on multiple medications, several times a day. She also has Sensory Processing Disorder. She goes to SUMMIT Physical Therapy for speech and physical therapy twice a week.

With the exception of the seizures, Haileigh is a normal three-year-old. She loves playing outside on her big swing set. And she loves cell phones, iPads, and laptops.

Her family is trying to raise $10,000 for a service dog. They have raised $2,500 so far. If you would like to help Haileigh, you can donate at various change jars around town. The jars are currently at these locations:

Daylight Donuts

Dot’s Cafe 
The Ark Animal Hospital 
Shanel’s Hair Salon 
Claremore Regional Animal Hospital 
Quick & Easy 
Carl’s Coney Island
First Baptist Church     

You can also donate online via Haileigh’s GoFundMe account HERE.

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