Motivation Monday: Bust the Excuses

    It is so easy to put your focus on the excuse. Instead, try putting that energy into ACTION…
    🔸How many reps can I do?
    🔸How far can I go today?
    🔸What new, healthy recipe can I try?
    🔸Who’s another friend I can invite to join me?
    🔸What skill can I work to improve today?

    Then the focus starts to shift. Rather than being deterred by excuses, we’re thinking about the little actions we are taking and start to notice that…
    🔹I am getting stronger.
    🔹I am going farther.
    🔹My eating habits are improving.
    🔹I am becoming more experienced and positively influencing those around me.

    When we focus on the effort, the results that start to happen become a nice BONUS to it all. 😀
    #BustTheExcuses #TakeSatisfactionInTheAction

    -by Fitness with Carrie

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