The Barron Law Firm in Claremore: The Boys are Back in Town

In my 9th grade drama class at Oologah High School, we were given the assignment of a lip sync song and dance. The one performance that sticks in my mind (other than my own, which I’d prefer to forget) is Jake Barron’s rendition of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” I’m not sure why, other than Jake was a preppy kid and it seemed an unlikely choice for him. Perhaps he had fantastic line dance moves; I can’t say for certain.

Fast-forward 23 years, and Jake’s older brothers have opened a law firm right next to my office in downtown Claremore. Talk about a small world.

Brad, Zach, Jake, and Willie Barron are all graduates of Oologah-Talala High School. Brad and Zach, the eldest of the bunch, left Oklahoma for Kansas colleges; Brad attended Emporia State and Zach chose Baker University. They both attended the University of Tulsa College of Law and upon graduating, went to work in their grandfather’s Tulsa firm.

Both Barrons have chosen civil litigation as their concentration. If you’re like me, and pretty unknowledgeable about the legal field, this may help: they try cases against insurance companies, especially for personal injury or wrongful death. Consumer law is another focus, which protects homeowners against wrongful foreclosure (like homeowner versus a bank), wrongful hospital billing, or harmful debt collection practices. They have been involved in class action suits, such as when they represented 150 children in Picher, Oklahoma, victims of the Tar Creek Superfund site.

Medicaid fraud and mineral rights cases, when landowners are underpaid their royalties, are also common with the Barron brothers. They have experience in civil rights cases, such as when a defendant is mistreated by law enforcement while in custody. They’ve also handled their fair share of whistleblower cases.

The Barron Law Firm operates entirely on a contingency basis, meaning that if the client doesn’t win, the attorneys don’t get paid.

The Barron family operated a firm in downtown Tulsa for almost 20 years. However, Brad and Zach realized that most of their clients were located further north, so the brothers opened an office in Oologah. Zach currently resides in Talala, and Brad has settled in Lenapah, so it wasn’t too far for either of them. They soon opened a second location in Nowata. This allowed the brothers to each be available all the time. Plus, they knew that it would be easier for everyone to travel a shorter difference rather than both attorneys and clients traveling to Tulsa.

Now, their reach has stretched to include a lot of clients in Mayes County, as well as Rogers and Nowata. Being that Claremore is their hometown and it’s centrally located, a third location made sense. More than a year ago, Brad was cruising around town, hunting for a space. They preferred a downtown location, and they liked the look of the newly renovated North Block Common. A source let them know that the North Block owners also had the space adjacent, and after meeting Amy Gordon, the deal was done.

Renovations began on 117 N. Missouri shortly after. Much like North Block, the space was gutted and refitted to the firm’s needs. What was once an open space now contains a conference room, three offices, a work room, library area, and kitchen.

During the remodel, headed by Mike Kennedy, who handled North Block Common and Main Street Tavern, some historical goodies were found. A ghost sign was uncovered in the rear, which shows the space was historically used as a produce market. The original tin ceilings lend an old-fashioned feel, but the cedar plank wall at the entrance (built by Robert Melton) gives a striking contrast. The signage on the wall, created by Adventure Signs, offers a modern and friendly welcome. Yet the gold leaf on the front windows, to me, is reminiscent of times gone by; it reminds me of a detective’s agency in the 1940s. It’s classic and hip at the same time.

Since October, the Barrons have occupied the space and couldn’t be happier. Their team is rounded out with legal assistant Sarah Worley. With her desk stationed underneath the fancy cedar wall in the lobby, Sarah is also the official welcoming committee. Brad and Zach are both happy to be back in Claremore and getting reacquainted with the area. They are looking to get involved and are thankful that the community has been so inviting.

If you would like to learn more about The Barron Law Firm, stop by 117 N. Missouri Ave. or call 918-341-8402.

Welcome home, gentlemen.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
next-door neighbor

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