Vacation Safety Tips: Part Two

Courtesy of Broken Arrow Police

While Traveling
• If you are staying in a hotel or motel, take all of your luggage and valuables to your room.
• Keep extra cash and valuables locked in the hotel safe.
• Never leave your keys or valuables unattended in your room.
• Keep a daily check of your belongings.
• If you are going out in an unfamiliar area, ask the hotel clerk if there are areas you should avoid.
• Use all locking devices in or out of your room. Use a rubber door stopper (.99 cents at office supply) or flip flop and wedge under the door so no one can enter. You can also by a door stopper with an alarm on it.
• Know who is knocking at your door before opening it.
• Report any suspicious activity to hotel or motel management.
• Do not carry your airplane tickets and/or passport in open view.
• Carry as small amounts of cash as is reasonable. Use travelers checks and credit cards it as an alternative. Keep records of their numbers in a safe place, in case they are lost or stolen.
• Take a picture of your suitcases and keep the picture(s) with you. The picture(s) may be helpful in identifying your luggage if it is lost by an airline.
• While traveling, be sure your luggage is locked.
• Males are advised to carry their wallets in an inside pocket or front trouser pocket.
• Females are advised to carry their purse under their arm. Or use a “fanny pack” around their waist.
• Label each piece of luggage with your name and business address. And put a business card or your contact information inside the suitcase.
• Be very careful with bus, train or plane tickets. They are as good as cash.
• If you are a tourist, try not to advertise the fact. Don’t look lost or vulnerable. Walk with a purpose and stay alert to what’s happening around you.

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