My Favorite Nutrition Bars

If you are working on getting or maintaining that #summerbod, you know first hand that it all starts in the kitchen. I have always loved working out, being active, and am a fairly healthy eater. This year I have been on a MAJOR health journey and am fascinated by the neurological effects that food has on our bodies and our minds.

So, today we are talking mid-day snacks, better known as the regretful mid-afternoon binge that is rarely healthy or satisfying. Although there are a limitless array of juice bars and health-conscious grocers, when that 3-4pm hunger craving hits and the office potluck desserts are staring you in the face, it’s safe to say you most likely won’t be reaching for a nutritious apple.

A few friends recently asked what healthy granola bars I keep stashed in my office for that afternoon pick-me-up. While I am no expert, I thought it would be a fun blog post and have listed my go-to’s for you!

Truthfully, I strive to eat 3 meals a day. Staying satiated with protein, fat, and fiber at each meal will naturally shut down hunger hormones. However, if you need a snack, I recommend (still not a professional) a late afternoon snack with enough fat and protein to keep you fuller longer, and keep the hunger cravings at bay until dinner.

So, put down the sugar-loaded granola bar and read up! ūüôā

KiZE РMy GO-TO! Plus, these bad boys are made in Oklahoma! I cannot sing their praises enough. With the purchase of each bar a percentage is given to help people in need. Food that is fueling a bigger purpose, YES PLEASE!

Almond Butter is my favorite flavor and it is packed full of protein to tide you over until dinner.

RX Bars¬†– I have seen so many bloggers posting about these bars recently, so I picked up a few flavors from Whole Foods, and I LOVE! Be sure to shop around, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Kroger’s will occasionally run specials!

YES¬†Bar¬†–¬†SO GOOD! They are made with real food,¬†low in sugar,¬†and are slightly addictive.

GoMacro РCold-pressed, nut-butter based nutrition bars that offer a combination of high-protein and plant-based ingredients serve as the perfect way to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Primal Kitchen¬†– I must be honest…Macadamia Sea Salt is my top Primal Kitchen protein bar choice, but they are not my favorite as far as taste is concerned. But, my grandma did always say, “if it tastes good, spit it out.” Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. It’s clear to see why I tend to over overexaggerate.¬†She was probably baking an apple pie as she told me that…If you are in search of something that is virtually sugar-free and low carb, these are one of the healthiest bars out there. I am a big¬†Primal Kitchen¬†fan!

Nutrition Stripped¬†– Ok, these take a little effort. They are homemade. I wanted to throw them in here because I love all things NS! If you feel like being a super star, and have the time to whip up your own bars at home,¬†McKel¬†has you covered! Type “bars” in her search engine, pick your favorite and go to town.¬†None of her recipes will disappoint! Also, these¬†Simple Lemon Berry Bars¬†or these¬†Chewy Coconut and Fruit Bars….to. die. for.

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-by Cassie Carriger
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