Siblings Can be Jerks.

We found this hilarious collection of photos featuring pranks played by siblings. You have to laugh!

This gal’s brother had to work on Thanksgiving, and asked his sis to save him a plate. So she did.

When a brother offers his sister a chunk of watermelon, she shouldn’t trust it.

When your sister graduates from the police academy, what’s an appropriate congratulatory gift to send? This is from one sister to another.

This brother replaced his sister’s photo with Vladimir Putin before Christmas dinner. Nobody noticed.

Sister got married and asked brother to pick up a newspaper from her wedding day as a keepsake. He went with the San Jose Mercury News. 

When little brothers mooch off big bro’s Netflix account.

Two brothers were involved in a practical joke war. One decided to kick it up a notch.

When your mom makes your little sister sleep in your room for the night and you’re mad about it.

Maybe you shouldn’t be friends with your siblings on social media. Because brothers. 

This guy ordered a new pair of kicks and they arrived while he was at work. He asked his younger brother at home to send him pics of the shoes. 

Don’t mess with your older brother. He may just hide your science project…. The first year brother buys you a Christmas gift and you get this…

It could be worse….maybe your brother just mails you a potato instead. 

When you ask your sister to help you move and she clearly doesn’t want to. 

Sister hasn’t noticed that her bathroom artwork was rearranged. It used to say HOPE. 

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