Foyil 3rd Grade

1 pair Fiskar scissors
4 pink erasers
2 boxes Kleenex (130 ct or larger)
1 zippered pencil bag (no boxes)
1 Clorox wipes
2 1-subject spiral notebook
1 12-oz bottle Germ-X
3 plastic folders with brads and pockets
5 pkg #2 wooden pencils
1 pkg wide-ruled paper
4 highlighters
1 ruler with cm and in
1 1″ 3-ring binder
1 construction paper
2 bottles Elmer’s glue

Classroom wish list:
water color paints
colored copy paper
board games
file folders
brown envelopes
clear plastic sheet protectors
permanent markers
expo markers
paper plates
single hole punch
file labels

Any additional supplies would be greatly appreciated!

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