Rogers County School Supplies: THE LIST(s)


Catalayah Pre-K

Catalayah Kindergarten

Catalayah 1st Grade

Catalayah 2nd Grade

Catalayah 3rd Grade

Catalayah 4th Grade

Catalayah 5th Grade

Chelsea Pre-K

Chelsea Kindergarten

Chelsea 1st Grade

Chelsea 2nd Grade

Chelsea 3rd Grade

Chelsea 4th Grade

Chelsea 5th Grade

Chelsea Middle School

Claremont Pre-K

Claremont Kindergarten

Claremont 1st Grade

Claremont 2nd Grade

Claremont 3rd Grade

Claremont 4th Grade

Claremont 5th Grade

Foyil Pre-K

Foyil Kindergarten

Foyil 1st Grade

Foyil 2nd Grade

Foyil 3rd Grade

Inola Pre-K

Inola Kindergarten

Inola 1st Grade

Inola 2nd Grade

Inola 3rd Grade

Inola 4th Grade

Inola 5th Grade

Inola 6th Grade

Justus-Tiawah Pre-K

Justus-Tiawah Kindergarten

Justus-Tiawah 1st Grade

Justus-Tiawah 2nd Grade

Justus-Tiawah 3rd Grade

Justus-Tiawah 4th Grade

Justus-Tiawah 5th Grade

Justus-Tiawah 6th Grade

Justus-Tiawah 7th Grade

Justus-Tiawah 5th Grade

Legacy 2 y/o

Legacy 3 y/o Preschool

Legacy 4 y/o Preschool

Legacy Kindergarten

Legacy 1st Grade

Legacy 2nd Grade

Legacy 3rd Grade

Legacy 4th Grade

Legacy 5th Grade

Legacy 6th Grade

Oologah Pre-K

Oologah Kindergarten

Oologah 1st Grade

Oologah 2nd Grade

Oologah 3rd Grade

Oologah 4th Grade

Oologah 5th Grade

Roosa Pre-K

Roosa Kindergarten

Roosa 1st Grade

Roosa 2nd Grade

Roosa 3rd Grade

Roosa 4th Grade

Roosa 5th Grade

Sequoyah Pre-K

Sequoyah Kindergarten

Sequoyah 1st Grade

Sequoyah 2nd Grade

Sequoyah 3rd Grade

Sequoyah 4th Grade

Sequoyah 5th Grade

Verdigris Pre-K

Verdigris Kindergarten

Verdigris 1st Grade

Verdigris 2nd Grade

Verdigris 3rd Grade

Verdigris 4th Grade

Verdigris 5th Grade

Verdigris 6th Grade

Westside Mrs. Classen’s Class

Westside Mrs. Olari’s and Mrs. Schultz’s Class

Westside Pre-K

Westside Kindergarten

Westside 1st Grade

Westside 2nd Grade

Westside 3rd Grade

Westside 4th Grade

Westside 5th Grade



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