Verdigris 2nd Grade

    1 package construction paper-multi colored
    2 boxes 24 count crayons
    5 standard size plastic folders-2red, 2blue, 1 any color)

    2 boxes of tissues
    1 ream of white copy paper
    4 beveled pink erasers
    3 marble composition notebook
    24 Ticonderoga pencils
    6 glue sticks
    1 package markers
    1 package colored pencils
    1 hand held pencil sharpener
    2 package Expo dry erase markers
    2 black color sharpie permanent markers

    1 package scotch tape

    1 yellow highlighter
    (Girls only) 1 package hand sanitizer

    (boys only) 1 package clorox wipes
    1 pair of tennis shoes for PE class (parent provide)

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