Verdigris Pre-K

Pre-K Supplies

16 large glue sticks or 32 small glue sticks 4 (24 count) crayons

1 box gallon size baggies
1 box sandwich size baggies
1 package white cardstock
1 package colored paper
1 package brown or white paper bags
2 packages construction paper
4 boxes kleenex
2 bottle hand sanitizer
3 containers of clorox wipes
(Girls only) 1package small paper plates (Girls only) 1package craft sticks
(Girls only) 3 packages baby wipes (Boys only) 2 bags white cotton balls (Boys only) 1 package large paper plates (Boys only) 3 rolls of paper towels

Pre-K and K *$20.00 to teacher to purchase supplemental supplies for art and handwriting paper .*

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