Legacy Christian School 2 y/o Preschool

2 year old preschool                                                                                    

Backpack (normal size, not small)

2 boxes tissues (Kleenex)

2 ream copy paper

Plastic folder with brads

1 week supply diapers/pullups/underwear

2 change of clothes to stay at school

1 package wipes

1 sippy cup to stay at school (no straw please)

1 pkg. Ziploc gallon size bags

1 pkg. Ziploc sandwich size bags

Snacks for 18

1 pkg. Dixie cups 5 oz. size

2 glue sticks


Pipsqueaks markers

1 bottle glue

1 set water colors

Naptime: blanket, small pillow

2 inch nap mat

1 large pkg. Clorox wipes

3 ring zipper pencil pouch clear front

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