Expert Advice: “How can I back up my important information?”

At times, people take for granted the fact that their data is safe on their devices, especially if they recently invested in a top-of-the-line computer or server system. We often forget about other factors such as human error or a fire or flood that could damage or destroy vital information.

The first thing I ask my customer is, “How important is the information on your computer/server?” If they are a business customer, the next series of questions are, “Can you survive without that information?” “How much will it cost in time and money to restore that information?” “How much will you lose while recovering and recreating?”

Most often, the response is eye-opening and they are ready to discuss what to do next. Sometimes, I am told, “Yes, I really need to do something about that soon,” but soon doesn’t happen. We are then put into a situation of trying to restore lost information or forced to pay that malicious ransomware fee. My goal is to help educate my customers and help them to take the proactive approach instead of the reactive approach.

There are certainly great and inexpensive ways to protect your data. I highly recommend at least three methods:

• Onsite: Use a secondary or external hard drive or memory stick to back up locally.

• Offsite: Take your backups to another location that will be stored in a safe and secure place away from a potential disaster path near you.

• Cloud: Use a third-party system that backs up your data often, automatically and offsite.

Lastly and most important, review your backup, test it and revise your backup strategy as your circumstances, organization and data locations change and grow.

Chip Shepard, Owner
Shepard Technologies

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