How to Be a Mentor in Claremore: It’s Easy and Fun!

The Volunteers for Youth PAL program has a menu of choices for serving as a mentor to Rogers County students. If you can meet with a particular student one hour per week at their school then our traditional PAL version is for you. If you are a man and want to mentor boys in a group setting after school then BLAST PALs is for you (Men in the Making curriculum). If you want to walk to school with either Claremont or Roosa students on Wednesday mornings, then Wednesday Walking PALs is for you. If you want to email a Claremore High School student once each week and see them face-to-face once a month, then e-PAL is for you. If you want to tutor students after school at the Claremore Community Center, then Tutor PALs is for you.

There are plenty of options; it doesn’t take a lot of time and it can literally mean the world to a child. To learn more and to volunteer, please contact Caitlin at

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