Motivation Monday: How to Find a Workout that You Love

    You should not dread your workout. It should be something that brings you satisfaction 💪🏼💪🏼…and sense of accomplishment or well-being when you’re done.

    Procrastinating or continuing to put a workout off might be a sign. What do you do if you find yourself procrasting with your exercise?

    Here are some ideas I enjoy. Which speak to you? (Or what’s another idea not listed?)
    🔹Trying something new
    🔹Revisiting something you’ve had luck with in the past
    🔹Exercising in a new location (ie. using On Demand)
    🔹Attending a group fitness class
    🔹Participating in an online accountability group (we have one starting soon if you want to join!)
    🔹 Giving yourself a reward for accomplishing a goal (like a massage, or new workout gear)
    🔹Signing up for a race and publicly announcing it (then you have to commit to training!)

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