Get Up and MOVE, Claremore!

When I first bought my Fitbit, I was obsessed with hitting my daily step goal. Now….eh. My excuse is that I sit at a desk for several hours a day, and it’s not as fun to walk laps up and down the hallway as it used to be.

Then I saw this on Kirkendall Chiropractic’s Facebook page:

You’re not a prisoner to your chair.
If you’re still sitting down while reading this… now’s your chance – stand up!

So there you have it. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour. You should get up and move your booty for five minutes per hour. Walk to the corner, walk around your building, just get up and move! (You could probably walk to the vending machine, but that defeats the purpose. Maybe walk to the water cooler instead.)

Kirkendall Chiropractic and Dr. Lennon Smith Kirkendall post a lot of helpful tips like this on Facebook. Follow them and keep your body moving!


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