Motivation Monday: Morning Habits


Here are a few of mine! Will love to hear about yours 😊

Thinking of something(s) I’m grateful for when I wake up – sets the right tone for the day!
Not touching any phone or device until heading out the door in the morning – the outside world can wait!
Sipping a morning cup of black coffee ☕️ with my breakfast 🍴– human fuel!
Getting my little to school – my reason!
Learning something new – currently holding an 80 day record with my DuoLingo app, Hooray!
Reviewing my time-hop app, reflecting on the past and enjoying the present – currently holding a 96 day record, Ha!
Reviewing & updating my calendar and to-do list – catching up with the outside world here, setting goals, making plans, and beginning to tackle the day & future!

👉🏼 side note: Fitness comes later in the day for me. I love the burst of energy from it during the day!

Do you have any of the same habits as mine, or how does your routine differ? #IwannaKnow #MorningHabits

-by Fitness with Carrie

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