To the Mom Tribe

To the Mom Tribe:

The sleepless mom
Messy-haired mom
Bags-under-your-eyes mom
Baby-crying-at-2-am mom

The disaster-house mom
Weeks-worth-of-laundry mom
Sticky-floors, bulging-closet-doors mom

The always-worried mom
I-hope-he’s-ok mom
Heart-on-your-sleeve mom

The 9-to-5 mom
10-to-6 mom
Stay-at-home mom
The suit-or-slippers-wearing,
we’re-all-really-24-hour moms

The chauffer mom
I-can’t-my-kid-has-practice mom
Soccer-baseball-football-volleyball mom
Loud-cheering, team-colors-wearing, I’m-all-in mom

What’s for dinner, Mom?
The grocery-store-at-10-p.m mom
I-made-this-from-scratch mom
Feeling-guilty-drive-thru mom

The kid-at-college mom
My-baby-just-started-kindergarten mom
I- can’t-believe- how-fast-it’s-going mom

Five-kids mom
One-and-done mom
Maybe-one-more mom
Nursing mom
Bottle mom
Minivan mom
SUV mom
Little-bit-of-both mom
Scheduled mom
Always-late mom
20something mom
60something mom

Black, white, close-range, free-range, dairy-free, all-the-cheese, homeschoolin’, unschoolin’, protesting, celebrating, made-up-face, makeupless. Yoga pants? Not a chance …

Whatever kind of mom you are, and however you’re momming it today …

Remember, before you were ever a mother …

You were *you.*

And there’s a really good chance you still are.

-by Jai Wallace Tracy

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