Motivation Monday: Walk More, Y’all

Did you know… Sitting can kill you, even if you exercise regularly? Come again?!

New research confirms that the amount of time spent sitting is directly correlated with to the risk of early death. And yes, that’s even the case if you exercise regularly. 😱

One tip is to drink tons of water. First, having to go to the bathroom frequently is quite helpful when it comes to sitting less. Second, making a habit to walk every hour to refill a water bottle, (use the restroom), and return to your office/cubicle/place of work only takes three or four minutes, and it makes you more productive when sitting back down at your desk and getting back to business. 👌🏼

What other ways or ideas do you have for getting up and moving frequently??

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(Source: Leigh Weingus with MBG)

-by Fitness with Carrie

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