Holiday Hacks to Save Your Sanity!

We got this cool list of holiday hacks from One Good Thing by Jillee. If you’re anything like me, you stress like a crazy person when people are coming over, because goodness knows, everything has to be perfect ALL THE TIME.

Well, Jillee has some good ideas to make things a tad easier.

For example, when it comes to the cleaning…don’t. Well, don’t clean everything and everywhere. Just stick to the main gathering areas (and of course, the restroom). If you’re worried about people noticing, just close the doors and call it a day.

If your tablecloth is really wrinkled, don’t waste time ironing. Just put the cloth on the table a couple days in advance and let the wrinkles fall out naturally.

Don’t worry about cooking every single little thing from scratch. Buy your rolls or your pies, and you’ll still have delicious treats without the stress.

Cook ahead where you can…You don’t have to cook everything on the day of the meal. For example, you can brine a turkey three days in advance. You can also make mashed potatoes ahead of time and freeze!

For more helpful tips and explanations on the ones we’ve listed, check out the full post HERE! I’ve already hit up Amazon for the 3-tiered oven rack mentioned in Jillee’s post; who doesn’t want extra oven space?!

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who is looking forward to 
Thanksgiving now!


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