Get a Holiday Bird (or Breakfast) from Buddy’s in Claremore!

Buddy’s Grill in Claremore is NOT just a burger joint, a greasy-spoon or home cooking at its finest, it is all of that and so much more! 
(If you haven’t had the Cuban sandwich, you are missing out.)
We will save that story for another day. 
It is almost Thanksgiving and you can still get your orders in for a beautifully smoked bird or ham. If you don’t feel like cooking either this holiday, call Buddy’s Grill today at 918-341-6737 and place your order. 
Smoked in-house half or whole hams – $6.00 per pound
Smoked in-house turkey – $4.75 per pound
(Just request weight and day needed.)
Monday is your last chance to order so call now!
Buddy’s has been serving breakfast on the weekends and you can read about that here…
Claremore has not only been receptive of the delicious breakfast, but downright demanding about expanding their breakfast. 
Well, Claremore, you asked for it and now you’ve got it! 
Beginning December 5th, Buddy’s Grill will serve the best breakfast in town all week long. 
Visit Buddy’s Grill today and don’t forget order your ham and turkey now! 

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