Claremore Cops Growing Beards…for Kids!

We told you about the Claremore Police Department and their No Shave November event HERE. In a nutshell, the officers are raising money and paying weekly “fines” in order to earn the right to grow a beard. The proceeds will be used to buy Christmas gifts for all 453 children at Claremont Elementary.

According to Claremont principal Randa Fay, “The CPD recognizes the importance in investing in our youth and have the desire to give back to the families of their community. As a school we strive to build relationships in effort to provide the best opportunities and most well developed young individuals as possible. In the spirit of being thankful for our own blessings, CPD and Toys for Tots sees this outreach as a great opportunity to give back, in hopes of creating a little more added excitement and fun memories for each and every child in our school. When you work at a school, your students become a part of who you are. Your mind hardly ever shuts off from them, even when the school day ends. These relationships develop and students become very much like our own children.
Claremont is appreciative. We are so thankful for CPD, Toys for Tots, and the community members who have provided towards to the financial goal so that this can be possible.”
It’s not too late to donate! Stop by the Claremore Police Department and drop off your donation today! At press time, CPD had raised more than $6,000!

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